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The FireLite BEAM355 and BEAM355S are intelligent, addressable reflected beam smoke detectors for protecting open areas with high and sloping ceilings, and wide-open areas, where spot-type smoke detectors are difficult to install and maintain. Ideal applications are atriums, cathedral ceilings, aircraft hangars, warehouses, sporting arenas, concert halls, and enclosed parking facilities. They are compatible with the MS-9600 Series and MS9200 Series in LiteSpeed® or CLIP mode. Installation of the single-ended reflective design is much quicker than a dual-ended projected beam detector. Alignment is easily accomplished with an optical sight and a two-digit signal strength meter incorporated into the beam detector. Listed for operation from –22°F to 131°F, the BEAM355 and BEAM355S are usable in open area applications where temperature extremes exceed the design limits of other types of smoke detection.

Listed to UL 268, ULC CAN/ULC S529.

• Transmitter/receiver built into same unit.

• Six user-selectable sensitivity levels.

• 16' to 328' (use BEAMLRK beyond 230') protection range.

• Removable plug-in terminal blocks.

• Digital display — no special tools required.

• Built-in automatic gain control compensates for signal dete- rioration from dust buildup.

• Optional remote test station.

• Optional long-range kit (BEAMLRK) for applications in excess of 230' (70 m).

• Optional multi-mount kit (BEAMMMK) providing ceiling or wall mount capability with increased angular adjustment.

• Optional heater kits (BEAMHK and BEAMHKR) for prevention of condensation (not intended to increase or reduce the specified operating temperature).

• Paintable cover.


Protection Range: 16 to 230 feet (5 to 70 m), 230 to 328 feet (70 to 100 m) using optional BEAMLRK kit.

Adjustment Angle: ±10° horizontal and vertical. Note that the optics move independently of the unit.

Sensitivity (6 levels): NOTE: Sensitivity settings are a feature of specific control panels.

• Level 1 — 25%.

• Level 2 — 30%.

• Level 3 — 40%.

• Level 4 — 50%.

• Acclimate® Level 5 — 30% to 50%.

• Acclimate® Level 6 — 40% to 50%. Fault Condition (trouble):

• 96% or more obscuration blockage.

• In alignment mode. • Improper initial alignment.

• Self-compensation limit reached. Alignment Aid:

• Optical gunsight. • Integral signal strength indication.

• Two-digit display. Indicators:

• Alarm — local red LED and remote alarm.

• Trouble — local yellow LED and remote trouble.

• Normal — local flashing green LED.