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20_20 I
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The Spectrex SharpEye 20-20 I is a self-contained, triplespectrum flame detector. The sensor band pass has been carefully selected to ensure the greatest degree of spectral matching to the radiant energy emissions of fire, and the lowest degree of matching to non-fire stimuli. The microprocessor design allows for unique field programmability not found in similar detectors. The 20-20 I incorporates both automatic & manual BIT (built-in-test). The patented Triple IR (IR3) circuit design scans for oscillating IR radiation (1 to 10 Hz) in the spectral bands ranging from 4.0 to 5.0 microns. This highly advanced detector uses programmed algorithms which check the ratio & correlation of data received by the three sensors. Only detection of radiated emissions matching the spectral fingerprint of fire will produce an alarm, making the 20-20 I highly immune to false alarms. The SharpEye 20-20 I is extremely sensitive. It can detect a 1x1 sq.ft. gasoline pan fire at 200 ft. in less than 10 seconds. The sensitivity is user-programmable, offering 4 ranges of detection. The outputs 4-20 mA & RS-485 interface, as well as the standard alarm, accessory & fault relays, make the 20-20 the most diverse detector available.
• Triple-spectrum design • Sensitivity selection • User-programmable configuration • Highly immune to false alarms • Automatic & manual built-in-test • Explosion-proof • Standard 4-wire connection • MTBF minimum 100,000 hours • FM, Cenelec/ATEX approved options
mechanical Dimensions: 120 x 132 x 132 mm Weight: Aluminium 3.7 Kg Base 1.7Kg Spectral response: Three IR band channels. Detection range: 1 sq.ft.gasoline fire @ 200 ft.* 1 sq.ft.n-heptane fire @ 200 ft.* 1 sq.ft.diesel oil fire @ 150 ft.* 1 sq.ft 95% alcohol fire @ 150 ft.* 4 sq.ft.JP4 fire @ 150 ft.* * Highest sensitivity setting Response time: Typical 5 seconds. Adjustable time delay up to 30 secs. Sensitivity range: Four sensitivity ranges set by dip-switch for gasoline pan fire 1x1 sq.ft. Field of view: 90° horizontal, 90° vertical. Built-in-test: Manual & automatic BIT. Temperature range: Operating: -40°F to 160°F Operating option: -40°F to 185°F Storage: -65°F to 185°F Humidity: Relative humidity of up to 95% for the operational temperature. electrical Operating voltage: 18-32 Vdc. Power consumption: Max. 150 mA in standby. Max. 200 mA in alarm. Electrical connection: Standard two ¾” 14 NPT cable entries. Optional two M25 x 1.5 cable entries.