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20_20 F
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Fire detector model 20-20 F with its ultra fast response is designed to meet the two important requirements: fast response time (less than 5 milliseconds) and high reliability (immune to false alarms). The 20-20 F has a continuously self-adjusting, pre-set detection level. Its level of sensitivity is maintained over a wide temperature range, and is independent of background radiation. The 20-20 F flame detector is an industrial version of the military detector that is housed in an Ex housing and it is produced and tested to the highest standards of performance. The detector is sensitive to radiation in two frequency ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum: the infra red (IR) and the ultra violet (UV). Only simultaneous sensing within these two ranges of radiation will result in a detector output pulse. The 20-20 F high speed ultra violet optical flame detector is designed specifically for high speed applications involving explosives and propellant fires, invisible hydrogen flames and other hydroxy flames like silane, ammonia etc.
• Less than 5 msec response time • Highly immune to false alarm • Distinguishes fire & vapor explosion from other non threatening radiation sources • 90° / 70° cone of vision • Designed & built to MIL specification • Explosion proof meets Cenelec/ATEX requirements • M.T.B.F. minimum 100,000 hours • 3 year warranty
mechanical Dimensions: 120 x 132 x 132mm Weight: Aluminium 3.7Kg Base 1.7Kg Spectral response: UV: 0.185-0.260 micron IR: 2.5-3 micron Response time: Max. 5 msec 5” (13cm) gasoline pan fire at a distance of 1 ft. (30cm). Typical 5 sec for 1 sq.ft. (30X30) gasoline pan fire at 20 ft. (6m). Field of view: 90° horizontal, 70° vertical Temperature range: Operating: -40°F to 160°F Storage: -65°F to 185°F Humidity: Relative humidity of up to 95% for the operational temperature electrical Power supply: Operating voltage: 18-32 Vdc Power consumption: Max. 70mA in stand-by Max. 1300mA in alarm Electrical connection: Standard two ¾ in. 14 NPT cable entries