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The DPA (Digital Power Amplifier) is designed for any Public Address and voice alarm system application. The DPA amplifiers were specifically developed to meet the requirements of EN54-16 and can therefore also be used as part of fire detection and fire alarm systems For safety installations, each amplifier module is fitted with its own 220 VAC/24 VDC power supply for increased system reliability. To avoid handling errors, the volume output of each amplifier channel is set using the potentiometer located at the back of the apparatus. In addition to standard electronic protection, DPA amplifiers also have electronic and thermal protection to protect them from all potential hazards. A fan provides forced cooling for the final power shelves and internal parts of the apparatus. It starts up automatically when the temperature reaches a certain threshold, and stops when it returns to normal values. The functionality of the cooling system is monitored by the internal processor.


If the device internal temperature exceeds 95 degrees C, the TEMP LED will light and the associated amplifier will stop working until the temperature falls below 95 degrees

C. The amplifier will come back to a working state automatically. To avoid temperature failure, please insert an external fan to the rack system.


The DC LED indicates that the DPA amplifier is powered by a 24VDC power supply.


The Power LED indicates the ON/OFF status of the DPA amplifier.

AC Power Inlet:

The 3 pin IEC connector is located in the middle of the amplifier’s rear panel. It accepts a standard mains power lead fitted with an IEC connector.

AC/DC Fuse Receptacles:

Both AC and DC power inputs are protected by means of electronic fuses. There are no serviceable parts inside of the amplifiers case.

Power Switch:

The power switch is located next to the power inlet on the rear panel. When the power switch is on the “on” position, the front panel power LED will be lit.

24VDC battery backup connector:

The DPA amplifier can be operated with battery backup. This connectors is located on the central part of the amplifier's rear panel. This 24VDC power supply can be used where no AC power is available or according to the EN54, as a secondary supply. When in use, the front panel Power LED will be lit as well as the front panel DC LED.

Channel 1-4 Audio Output:

For each amplifier channel, there is a dedicated Audio Output connector for connection of either 4 Ohm speakers, 50V speakers, 70V speakers or 100V speakers. The Com point is the – terminal and 4 Ohm, 50V, 70V and 100V are the + terminals.

Power supply DPAxx





Nominal AC input voltage


115 or 230, 50-60 Hz internally selectable

AC input voltage range


+/- 15

Peak inrush current



Nominal DC input voltage



DC input voltage range



Idle power consumption AC all channels on




Idle power consunption AC all channels standby


1 – 2

Idle power consunption AC all channels standby



AC fuse rating


6,3 AT-H250V

8 AT-H250V

DC fuse rating



Overall power efficienty 230VAC input

max ouput power @1kHz



Overall power efficienty DC input

max ouput power @1kHz