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PAVA systems in very highly sensitive places like nuclear power centrals, underground industrial systems or places where people have to thrust on a 100% availability of a PAVA system, may require for redundancy on any part of the PAVA system. Redundancy is a very widely-spread expression that needs to be further specified into a required level of redundancy. In normal PAVA systems where other communication means are available, spare amplifiers and surveillance of essential components is more than enough. Higher levels of redundancy may require for A/B wiring of the loudspeaker lines where loss of the A or B line or system still ensures a minimum coverage of 50% of the venue. (Such requirement is detailed described in the BSI-5839 -part 8). But even that could not be enough in situations where the PAVA is the only and last means of communication. In this case an even higher level of redundancy may be required. At this level, not only the amplifiers have redundancy by means of active spare amplifiers, also the central equipment will have a full back-up.

• Case: 19” 2U (IDA8RU -MAIN), 1U (IDA8RU -CTL / PDC).

• Power supply: 2 x 24 Vdc redundant inputs.

• Redundancy: ID A8RU -MAIN : 8 speaker lines, 8 amplifiers, 2 backup amps, 2 PSS inputs.

IDA8RU -CTL: 8 x Output contacts, 9 x alarm inputs.

IDA8RU -PDC: 8 x 0dB inputs or outputs, 2 PSS inputs 2 Tel inputs.

• Switching: Electro mechanical relays.

• Switching time: 6 seconds (IDA8 watchdog period).

• Connections: RJ 45, Screw terminals blocks.

• LED display: power, Primary IDA8 system active, secondary IDA8 system Active.

• Control inputs: Primary IDA8 system watchdog, secondary IDA8 system watchdog.

• Control outputs: Primary IDA8 system active, secondary IDA8 system Active, Expansion.