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The IDA8S(AB) Slave units provide audio in- and output expansion of the IDA8 Systems using a secured 48- channel audio and data network over CAT5 or fiber optic. Each IDA8S(AB) expands the IDA8 System with an additional 8 audio inputs and outputs, 2 additional security microphone consoles (PSSG2) and security programmable switching contacts.

• 8 analogue audio inputs and 8 analogue audio outputs. The outputs have selectable 18 or 20 kHz monitoring signal for end-off-line monitoring or, using defined monitoring windows, individual monitoring with an accuracy of up to 5% of the total line load.

• 8 alarm control inputs and 8 output relays are freely programmable for system actions and priorities can be assigned to these inputs.

• 2 card slots for optional 8 microphone/ line or AES/EBU audio input/output channels. These inputs/outputs are free software configurable.

• Compatibility with the VNB IP-media streamers allowing for additional IP-Audio IN/EXstreamer units, IP-media consoles and IP-Paging consoles.

• The ATEÏS Net Secured Audio Network that is providing a Single or Multi-mode, 48 audio channels, 32bit, 48 kHz, redundant network.

• Up to 256 priorities that can be configured for up to 256 zones (512 AB) in the LOCAL Network.

• A system configuration that can connect up to 32 IDA8C with IDA8S(AB)’s over the LOCAL Network allowing a system configuration of up to 32 x 8 zones.

• Independent operation without a PC connected to it. The PC can be disconnected after configuring the system.

• Front panel color touch-screen display and corresponding push buttons, that allows for simple navigation through the various system menus.

• Automatic messaging in the IDA8C Controller unit and IDA8S(AB) Slave units with a capacity of up to 4 hours of WAV format audio files. The audio messages can be uploaded via Ethernet link.

• 4 audio streams that can be activated at the same time and up to 48 in the IDA8 System.

• Message player and messages monitoring.

• Full monitoring starting at the capsule of a microphone console to the end of a loudspeaker line. The external cables connected to the control inputs are monitored for short and open circuit and earth leakage.

• Standard test, alarm and chime-tones are stored in the IDA8C Controller unit and IDA8S (AB) Slave units.

• An internal real time clock for automatic scheduled activities like; playback of messages, automatic volume changes during day and night or background music settings.

• Extensive audio pre and post processing possibilities for audio inputs and audio outputs.

• A monitoring loudspeaker and fireman’s microphone on the IDA8C Controller unit.

• Cost effective solutions using switching mode for multi-zoned amplifier usage.

• Full system redundancy using the IDA8RU redundant switching devices.