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ORBIT Line Array
  • General
  • Feature
  • Specification
ATEÏS introduces a new generation range of steerable line-arrays, the MAIN PROPERTIES ORBIT, that have an Omni-directional and steerable radiation pattern, fully redesigned t meet the highest architectural demands and equipped to handle current and upcoming requirements for the Voice-Alarm industry, commercial audio and Pro-sound. The ORBIT is a through ‘next generation’ design where we have not only focused on an improvement on the lobe-controls and the overall technical specifications, but have brought the steerablity of line-array’s into ‘Orbit’ with its Omni-directional behavior. We can now say that the ORBIT provides broadcast S/N ratio, music quality frequency espond and a pro-sound power handling with more advanced pre-processing abilities. New generation ATEÏS Voice-Alarm and audio processors are equipped with remote control facilities by LAN or WAN and have a variety of networking and control cards. To meet our future standards, the ORBIT has been equipped with equal networking facilities.
  • Fully digital sidelobe-free speakerarray.Triple-lobe feature for the ultimate accuracyin lobe design.
  • Features the latest technology based on apatented algorithmic technique.
  • Specially designed for high qualityspeech and background music applicationsin reverberant acoustic environmentswhere it is difficult to meet contractualspeech ntelligibility requirements.
  • More flexible than earlier array technologybecause of the ‘Linear-Spacing’ techniqueand easy to install without a direct need forlobe fine tuning.
  • Tightly controlled beam, up to 5 degrees,which can be shaped in nine steps to meeteach specific application or environment.
  • A-symmetrical and Symmetrical arrangementby means of software control.
  • Integrated DSP control with 7 bandparametric EQ, noise gate, delay rooms,peak limiter, VOX-control on priority inputand level raising microphone forambientnoise sensing.
  • Adaptable ACOUSTIC centre. Acoustic centrecan be freely moved over the array to matchlobe shape with the listening area.
  • Q factor of >72 (10 V x 145 H).
  • Equal coverage and no side lobes results ina precisely controlled listening field and highintelligibility even with a minimum S/N ratio.
  • Consistently high sound quality acrossthe coverage area and, because the sound isrestricted to the area required, it can belouder than in earlier array technology.
  • Designed to be environmentally friendly inbuild and application.
  • Equipped for Voice evacuation applications.
  • 24 VDC input for battery backup, 20 kHz Inputsurveillance. Internal HF carrier loudspeakersurveillance.
  • Ambient noise sensor. Temperature sensor with frost protection. Battery surveillance.Fault report contacts.
  • RS485 data bus for full detailed statusreport and PC based remote setup (up to 32Messengers on the bus).
  • EASE DLL, for advanced room acousticsimulations.
  • SPL stays within +/- 2 dB variation over adistance of at least 60 m.
  • On-board audio processing (All-in-one-version)
  • Full flexibility due to on-board DSP
  • Remote access by TCP/IP interface
  • RS485 link
  • RS485 link, extracted from the TCP/IP connection, for WiFi-remote control
  • Dual mode power supply + battery backup (24 VDC)
  • Level-razing amplification with NSM
  • Pre-processing (As standard with G1)
  • URC-Controller for level and Pre-set control (Lobe-swiching, eq, etc)
  • Battery back-up
  • Fault contacts + Fault indicator on the unit!
  • Redundant audio-link by line detection
  • Line surveillance, 18 – 20kHz (Adjustable)
  • Sleep-mode for power saving
  • Event-logging with date and time
  • Fault and healthy indicators on the unit