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PS Rack 16-100A_03-09
  • General
  • Feature
  • Specification
ATEÏS PS-RACK Secure Power Supply, to all or a part of the Security Sound Systems (S.S.S.) used to generate and broadcast the audible general alarm signal throughout one or more alarm zones. These systems fulfil their design function both in normal operation and under emergency conditions in line with the safety regulations intended to prevent fire and panic hazards in facilities that are open to the public.

- Battery recharging,

- Distributing battery current to the point of use in

the event of an alarm.

- Testing the battery grid.

- Indicating operating states.

- Providing a guaranteed 30-minute endurance

under alarm conditions, so long as the battery is

sized adequately.


- Protection class : I

- Overvoltage category : II

- Rated power : 400 W

- Mains supply : single phase 230 Veff.

-15% to +10%, 45 to 55 Hz

- Peak current draw I on power up : < 30A max.cold (2 ms)

- Primary current I at rated load : 3A

- Chopping frequency : ≈ 65 kHz

- Efficiency : > 83% at rated load


Normal operating mode:

- Rated voltage U : 24 V

- Output voltage U at half charge and at 25°C:

27.2 V and 54.4V ± 0.5% set for lead recombination batteries temperature compensated from – 2 to 4mV /°C from 5 to + 45°C