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The ATEÏS PSSDT paging microphone console is a man-machine interface which groups together all functions required by the EN 60849 and BS5839 part 8 regulations. Its back-lit touchpad makes for simple and user-friendly operating. It can be configured either using a PC computer, or by using control keys and the front LCD screen of the SINAPS module to which it is connected. Access can be password-protected. All parameters needed for site operating can be programmed: zones assigned to the different buttons, name of zones, zone groups, priorities, access to different messages, levels adjustments, pre-call chime, press-to-talk, music ON/OFF and music routing. Its large LCD screen provides an overall view of busy zones and active sources. A VU meter controls the microphone presence and modulation level. A built-in loudspeaker makes it possible to listen to all system-generated messages and announcements. The PSSDT console is SINAPS security system interface and is fully monitored (microphone capsule, power supply, touchscreen, audio and RS485 connections). Any system faults are detected, located and indicated clearly on the screen.
  • High-quality electret omnidirectional microphone
  • Back-lit touch pad (no push buttons)
  • Programmed by PC using SINAPS software
  • 1 PSSDT per IDA module
  • Up to 32 PSSDT per SINAPS system
  • Group calls and All calls functions
  • Pre-call chime (pre-recorded as one of theIDA4M or IDA4XM messages)
  • Press-to-talk or ON/OFF buttons
  • Music ON/OFF (IDA4M+IDA4XM series)
  • Music routing (IDA4M+IDA4XM series)
  • Display of all system incidents
  • Buzzer which signals faults
  • Remote control for digital messages with zoneassignment
  • LED system status display (evacuation, powersupply, fault)
  • Type of cable used: CAT5
  • Max. distance between PSSDT and IDA: 500m(1,500m with local power supply).


Connections: RJ45


Console size: (L x W x D) 250 x 140 x 80 mm

Flex length: 250 mm

Weight: 1.5 kg

Colour: RAL 9006

Front tilted at 30°

Material: metal back, PVC top and sides

Power supply

Power supply: 24DC/450mA