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The combination of IDA4SW/S and IDA4SU allows to connect up to 8 zones to the same amplifier. The zone selection will then happen trough the automatic switching of the relevant 100 V speaker line to the corresponding 100 V amplifier output. Each line and amplifier will be constantly monitored according EN 60849/BS 5839 with no background music interruption. In the ‘’Dual audio channel’’ mode, when a microphone or message call is made in a zone or group of zone, the music will not be interrupted in the zones not selected for the call. In the ‘’Single audio channel’’ mode, in case of a selective call, the music will be interrupted only in the zones connected to the IDA4SU receiving the call. Each IDA4SU, and the 8 zones connected to it, could receive a different music source to a predefined level.
  • 4 PA inputs per IDA4SW/S (0 dB balanced).
  • One PSSDT security microphone consoleswith touchpad per IDA4SW/S.
  • Monitoring of 8 to 256 100V Loudspeaker zones.
  • Max 500W per IDA4SU /amplifier.
  • Monitoring of 4 zone amplifiers +1 backup amplifiers per IDA4SW/S.
  • Full monitoring of PSS microphone consoles(capsule, screen, touchpad, connections, LS).
  • Digital message players (8 messages, total lengthup to 2min 11 sec.
  • Play back of up to 4 simultaneous digital messages.
  • One message can be define as customized chime.
  • Digital audio bus between IDA4SW/S modules(32 channels, bandwidth: 20 kHz).
  • Digital signal processing (DSP).
  • Parametric equalization: 3 bands on inputs,7 bands on outputs (1 OUT per IDA4SU).
  • Individual controls for each input and output level
  • (1 OUT per IDA4SU).
  • Separate levels for the security sources.
  • Free zone labelling on PSS.
  • 100 priority levels (contact or automatic detectionActivation).
  • Programmable delay of 0 to 683 msecs per Output.
  • Measurements (levels and impedance) ofamplifiers and LS lines.
  • Incident data record with up to 2048 incidents.
  • Possibility to store the event log file on a computer.
  • Internal clock.
  • Music routing and level selection from PSS consoles.
  • Monitoring loudspeaker output.
  • Remote controlling of Slave racks from a Masterlocation.
  • EN 60849 compliant surveillance.
  • PC setup configuration.