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IDA8SAB (switch mode) supports up to 4 audio sources including Evac/ Voice/ Music/ Backup, utilizing with a maximum capacity of 1000 W for each and the choice of audio source can be selected from one source only for the systems. Featuring 8 monitored zones for 25V/70V/100V outputs with simultaneous selection, control inputs, and contact outputs. IDA8SAB (switch mode) provides the zones and audio in & out expansion of the IDA8 Systems, using a secured 48- channel audio and data network over CAT5 or fiber optic, which can be a network of one controller and a maximum up to 31 Slave units via ATEÏS local-net, providing with 256 paging zones with priorities (1~99). Furthermore, IDA8C is capable to expand up to 8000 zones via ATEÏS global-net, satisfying with the most complex public address and voice alarm requirements. Two rear card slots can be fitted with optional 4-channel analogue audio in/output cards 4 channel AES/EBU cards for digital audio in/out.
  • Support a maximum up to 31 slave units in ATEÏSLocal-Net
  • Up to 8000 zones provision via ATEÏS Global-Net
  • Fully digital with 8 audio inputs and 8 audio outputs
  • 4 x 1000 Watt maximum load
  • 4 channel audio distribution for EVAC, Paging, BGM &Backup
  • Combined back-up amplifier function
  • 4 dedicated and monitored PDC-ports for pagingconsoles
  • Enhanced loudspeaker line surveillance for AB-zonedinstallation
  • Simultaneous control and routing of 48 audiochannels over dedicated network
  • 24bit, 48k sampling digital A/D converter, 32bit DSP
  • Up to 100m by using CAT-5 cable with NET-C1
  • Optional Fiber-optic cards for links up to 20 km
  • Modbus Protocol interface via RS485.
  • Digtial storage for up to 50 minutes in WAV format(16k 16 bit) or 200 minutes in G.722 format of prerecordedmessages
  • Programmable Message Scheduler Events
  • DSP functions of PEQ, GEQ, Delays, Ducker, Gate, AGC,feedback, filter, inverter, local echo suppressor, mixer
  • Ethernet interface for TERRACOM, 3rd party devices,configuration, control, diagnostics and logging
  • Incident data record with at least 2047 entries
  • Programmable of 4 user levels
  • Telephone interface via SIP protocol ortelephone line services
  • 1 Fault & 1 EVAC relays outputs
  • Programmable 256 priority paging zones withpriority(1~99)
  • Export the incident log
  • 2U standard 19" rack mounting
  • UL listed


Mains power supply

Voltage 230/115 VAC ±15%, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption 48 W

Battery power supply

Voltage 18 - 30 VDC


Frequency response ±1 dB @ 20 Hz and 20 kHz

Line inputs (Optional audio input card)

Connector 3-pin phoenix

Frequency response ±1 dB @ 20 Hz and 20 kHz

SNR >81 dBA

THD < 0,02% @ 1 kHz

Input sensitivity 0~66 dBu / 6dB steps

Input impedance 10 kohm

Line outputs (Optional audio output card)

Connector 3-pin phoenix

SNR >81 dBA

THD < 0,02% @ 1 kHz

Signal 0dB

Output impedance <100 ohm

Amplifier lines in 4 x 100V

Max rated output power 1000 W (cont. at 40°C)

Frequency response -3 dB @ 50 Hz and 18kHz

Input level 16 dBu

Loudspeaker lines out 16 (8 zones x 2 A/B)

Rated output power 1000 W (cont. at 40°C)


Dimensions (With 19"" rack mount brackets)

(H x W x D) 2RU, 88 x 483 x 305 mm

3-1/2"" x 19"" x 12""

Weight 5.5 kg (12.1 lbs)

Mounting 19""-rack mount

Color RAL7016


Operating temperature -5ºC ~ 55ºC (23ºF ~ 131ºF)

Storage temperature -40ºC ~ 70ºC (-40ºF ~ 158ºF)

Relative humidity 15% to 90%

Air pressure 600 to 1100 h Pa