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The UAP digital-audio processor is a comprehensive system which integrates pre-amplifier, compressorlimiter, equalizer, as well as matrixing and delay functions into one unit. Usefull features like Automatic Gain Control, Feedback killers, Automatic Microphone mixes and Crossovers are also part of the UAP impressive DSP components library. Thanks to its Page Control DSP component, the UAP is able to manage up to 8 microphones (VOX or contact activation) with different priority levels. Internal processing of audio signals can be fully programmed to suit the client’s application. Installers can select the audio processing feature(s) which they wish to apply to the various inputs and outputs from a library on their PC, using software provided with the UAP. Once the configuration process is complete, it can be loaded into the UAP. All configurations can be backed-up onto PC and loaded into the UAP as and when required.
  • 8 balanced audio inputs (-55 dB to 0 dB switchable)balanced audio outputs (0 dB).
  • Switchable Phantom Power supply.
  • 8 logic inputs and 8 logic outpus (TTL).
  • 6 analogue control inputs (0 to 5VDC).
  • 1 RS232 connection for configuration and piloting.

Input Control - Each input can be disabled (Mute) or programmed for contact activation (C1 to C8). The input level can be adjusted and the Phantom power supply can be selected. VU meters display the different signal levels.

Gate Control - Each input can be activated by signal detection (Attack time, Release time and Level settings).

Crossovers 2 ways, 3 ways, 4 ways with Butterworth, Linkwitz and Bessel curves slope selectable.

P.E.Q 2 to 16-band Parametric filters

Filters - High-Low Pass, Band Pass, Notch filters (Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel curves)

Matrix Mixer - Matrixes 4 x 4 and 8 x 8 with independent level settings for each input and output

Delay - Delay from 1 to 500 msecs. with 1 to 8 outputs

Compressor/Limiter - Compressor/Limiter (Attack time, Release time, Threshold and Ratio settings)

Output Control - Each output level can be adjusted. VU meters display the different signa levels.

AutomaticMicrophone Mixer - 4 inputs and 8 inputs. Manual or automatic priority, AGC, all levels adjustable.

Feedback killer - Automatic feedback frequency search and filtering. Several filter types, sensivity and levels can be adjusted.

Page Control - Routing matrix with contact or VOX input activation, 8 priority levels.

Source Selection - Source selection module associated to one fo the Analogue control inputs.