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CHG-75 Battery Charger
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  • Specification
The CHG-75 battery charger is designed to charge leadacid batteries that provide emergency standby power for a Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) and related equipment. Two 12-volt batteries are used in series to supply a nominal 24 VDC. The battery charger is compatible with any FACP that uses lead-acid batteries with a rating of 25 AH (amp-hours) to 75 AH. The FACP must have a feature that allows the disabling of the control panel battery charger.
• 120 VAC or 220/240 VAC operation. • Rated for batteries 25 to 75 AH. • Charger can connect to the Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) of a Fire•Lite intelligent control panel (e.g., MS-9200, MS-9600, and MS-9200UD) for trouble monitoring. • Mounts in a BB-26, BB-55F, MS-9600 or MS-9200 enclosure. • Screw terminal connections for battery, battery backup to other equipment and SLC loop. • 6.25 A fuse (F1) for AC overload protection. • 15.0 A replaceable fuse (F2) provides battery with current- limiting, short circuit, and overload protection. • 15.0 A replaceable fuse (F3) provides battery with current- limiting and overload protection for output to connected equipment. • Form-C trouble relay rated for 2.0 A @ 30 VDC (resistive). • Ground fault detection circuit (can be disabled). • Battery, charger, and AC voltage supervision. • AC loss reporting delay option for 8- or 16-hour delay. • Connectors for trouble input and output — direct CHG-75 troubles to FACP and allow daisy-chaining of external troubles through the charger without affecting charger operation. • Master trouble input allows monitoring of another device or zone. • Connectors for optional AM-1 ammeter and VM-1 voltmeter. • Diagnostic LEDs for monitoring: Primary AC On, Charger Trouble, Ground Fault, Charging, SLC Communication, Low Battery.