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XMonopro is an open architecture controller specially designed for large and professional installations as conferences rooms, residential, ... It is controlled by all the VITY’s remote control and touch panel range, it can also be controlled by a standard PC using Ethernet. Remote controls communicate with XMonopro by MBC wired bus, RC5 infrared data, Ethernet LAN and also wireless through dedicated WiFi or ZigBee access point. XMonopro controller allows to manage and control any kind of infrared, relays, RS232/422, 0/10 Volts, VCA audio, midi, X10, analog and digital GPI devices. Applications: routing switchers, plasma, LCD, DVBT, amplifi er, video projector, microphone, electricscreen, lights, HVAC, …


Relays 8 outputs

24VDC - 1A on 2pins Phoenix connectors

Need KRT 110/230 V power external relay + KRAL power supply

0-10Volts 8 outputs 256 levels dimming on 2 pins Phoenix connectors

Impedance 10 kohm

Isolated 0-10Volts 1 output ±0-10 volt isolate 256 levels dimming on 3 pins phoenix connectors

- Impedance 10kohms

Infrared 6 outputs on mono 3.5mm female

Impedance 100 ohms


GPI - Digital Feedback (dry contacts) 8 inputs on 2 pins Phoenix connectors - 24 VDC

Analog Feedback 8 inputs on 2 pins Phoenix connectors

DC 0/36 volts (3, 6, 12, 24, 36 Volt) - Impedance 100kohms

Digital convert: 8 bits (256 value)

Infrared 6x RC5 Infrared on stereo 3.5mm F (12volt with protection) - Impedance 1kohm optional infrared emitter: VIEC 3501A


RS 232 6x DB9F (Rx/Tx - RTS/CTS) up to 115 200 bps 2 of the RS232 plugs are RS485/RS422 compliant (over 100m) X10 1x power line X10 on RJ11 - 6 pin

VCA 3x VCA volume control mono balanced and unbalanced on 3 pins in and 3 pins out phoenix connectors - Input 10kohms - Output 100 ohms

Maxi level: 0 dB - Gain -3 dB - Bandwidth: 33Hz ~ 16 kHz.

MIDI 1x MIDI on 4 pins Phoenix connectors


MBC bus 2x on 3 pins Phoenix connectors

Ethernet 10/100 Base/T on RJ45 - XMonopro/IP only

Media Bus Control protocol Speed: up to 115 200 bps

Lenght: 8 bits

Parity: none

stop bit: 1


Features Built-in front panel Infrared learner Confi guration Rack mount-face plate includes rack mount brackets


Power supply 12 volt DC external power supply delivery On 2 pins phoenix connector

Temperature from 0 to 50°C


Dimensions - W x H x D 19" x 170 mm x 44 mm (1U)

Weight 2.5 kg