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With its affordable price, Minimono is specially designed for small installations, conference room, class room, houses, home theater, … Minimono is the light version of the open architecture XMonopro controller and allows you to manage and control any kind of infrared, relays, RS232, X10 and GPI devices. It is controlled by all the VITY’s remote control range using MBC wired bus (Minimono/485), Minimono can also be controlled by a standard PC using Ethernet and web (Minimono/IP).


Digital feedback

4x on 2 pins Phoenix connectors

GPI contact closure (max voltage 24Volts)


2x RC5 Infra-red on stereo 3.5 mm jack female (12V power supply protected). Can receive every kind of infrared receiver or keypad

Impedance 1kohm


Relays 6x (relay max. 0-24VDC - 1A) on phoenix connectors

Need KRT 110/230 V power external relay + KRAL power supply

Infrared 6x Infra-red on mono 3.5mm female to use with VIEC3501A IR emitter

Impedance 100 ohms

In / Out

2x RS 232 on DB9F (Rx/Tx) up to 115 200 bps

1x power line X10 on RJ11 - 6 pin

MBC bus

2x on 3 pins Phoenix connectors

MBC bus protocol:

- Speed: up to 115 200 bps

- Lenght: 8 bits

- Parity: none

- stop bit: 1


10/100 Base/T on RJ45 (Minimono/IP)


Built-in front panel Infrared learner


Power supply 12 VDC on phoenix connectors.

External 12 V/220 V power supply provided

On 2 pins phoenix connector

Consumption 15W max

Temperature from 0 to 50°C


Dimensions - W x H x D 326 x 120x 1U (delivery 19" rack adaptator)

Weight 970 g