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Maximono is born to request to the biggest installations and/or complex as conference room, auditorium, museum, … This way thanks to its 6 RS232 ports, it allows to control a maximum of devices with a serial port as videoprojectors, routing switchers, mixing table, etc. Maximono allows to manage every infrareds, relays, RS232, GPI & VCA interfaces. The controller can be controlled by every remote control of the Media Bus Control range thru MBC bus (Maximono/485) or thru Ethernet (Maximono/IP).


Digital feedback 4x on 2 pins Phoenix connectors GPI contact closure (max voltage 24Volts)


2x RC5 Infra-red on stereo 3.5 mm jack female (12V power supply protected). Can receive every kind of infrared receiver or keypad

Impedance 1kohm


Relays 6x (relay max. 0-24VDC - 1A) on phoenix connectors

Need KRT 110/230 V power external relay + KRAL power supply

Infrared 6x Infra-red on mono 3.5mm female to use with VIEC3501A IR emitter Impedance 100 ohms

In / Out

6x RS 232 on DB9F (Rx/Tx) up to 115 200 bps


2x VCA balanced mono and unbalanced audio volume control on 3 pins phoenix connectors

Input: 10kohms - output: 100 ohms

Max level: 0 dB - Gain -3 dB - Bandwidth: 33Hz ~ 16 kHz.

MBC bus 2x on 3 pins Phoenix connectors

MBC bus protocol:

Speed: up to 115 200 bps

Lenght: 8 bits

Parity: none

stop bit: 1


10/100 Base/T on RJ45 (Maximono/IP)


Built-in front panel Infrared learner


Power supply 12 VDC on phoenix connectors. External 12 V/220 V power supply provided On 2 pins phoenix connector Consumption 15W max

Temperature from 0 to 50°C


Dimensions - W x H x D 370 x 157 x 1U (delivery 19"" rack adaptator) Weight 1.4 kg