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iTuch is a revolutionnary sensitive touch allowing to launch an action through materials like wood, marble, stone, plastic, glasses and even double glazing. It works over materials from 1 to 40 mm. The fi nger or the hand faced to the sensor activates a command sended to the MBC controller and play an action or a macro. Available in two versions: wireless radio iTuchW and wired iTuchRL. iTuchRL is powered in 12VDC and has a built-in relay to send a "toggle" or a "pulse" GPI dry contact directly to a device or to a MBC controller GPI input. Several GPI inputs connected to the MBC controller allows to manage several iTuchRL. The standalone radio wireless version, iTuchW, is powered by an internal battery (5/10 years lifetime). It send a command by ZigBee to the MBC controller through ZigAccess/ST access point. Up to 16 iTuchRL can be use on the same installation and there is no limitations for iTuchW. iTuch can be fi xed to its support by screw, velcro©, sticker, glue, ...

Adjustable sensitivity: iTuch sensitivity can be adjusted according to the support thickness.

Radio transmission: ZigBee protocol for long range transmission.

Battery: iTuchW is powered by a 9V battery and its lifetime is 5/10years .

Built-in relay: Each iTuchRL have a built-in relay to directly start a function.

Power supply: iTuchRL have a 12V output to supply each other up to 16 units.

4 relay behaviours: toggle, pulse, push 10 and push 60

Toggle: 1 touch, relay closed - 1 touch, relay opened (regardless of the touch time)

Pulse: 1 touch, relay closed for 95ms - impulse (regardless of the touch time)

Psuh 10: 1 touch, relay closed as long as the contact keeps (for 10" max.)

Psuh 60: 1 touch, relay closed as long as the contact keeps (for 60" max.)

Touch Capacitive

Sensitive surface 50 x 50 mm

Sensibility Two rolling switch settings (High/Low - adjustable)

Address 16 with rolling switch

On/Off Micro switch

On touch action display by LED

Number max of iTuch Up to 16 touch connected to one interface


Dimensions - W x H x D 89 x 63.5 x 29 mm

Weight 80 g


Power supply 12V - 30mA max

Temperature from 0°C to +48°C


Wireless Zig Bee (cellular protocol)

Range up to 100 m

Radio frequency 2.4 GHz

Delivery with 1x battery 6LR61/9Volts

Radio access point Zig Access - MBC bus

delivery without battery and without access point

PL9VSTD: standard 6LR61 battery

PL9VLITH: Lithium 6LR61 battery


1x Relay 60V - 1A

2 pins detachable phoenix connector

External 120/230V power relay, ref KRT

Power supply for KRT coil: KRAL

YVV10P1-12MPExternal power unit for up to 16 iTuchRS

12V - 1A - Delivery separatly