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The DPA (D-Class Power Amplifier) is designed for perfect integration into the SINAPS system, and thanks to its flexibility, it can also be used for any Public Address application The DPA amplifiers were specifically developed to meet the requirements of EN 60849 for safety installations. Thanks to its high efficiency and low power consumption, it is particularly well suited for battery backed up applications. Each amplifier module is fitted with its own 230 VAC or 24 VDC power supply for increased system reliability.

Rack mounting

To put a DPA240 into a 19’’ rack, you will have to use the RKDPA. Yo can rack up to 8 DPA240 on one RKDPA.

Electrical characterization Gain @ 1 kHz = 140 (43 dB)

0 dB InputInput impedance: 20 kΩ Bandwidth (± 3 dB): 30 Hz to 20 kHz Distortion less than 1%

Speaker outputNominal power: 240 W – 100 V

Fault relayOpen if fault

Maximal Intensity disconnection: 0.1 A

Maximal Voltage disconnection: 50 V

230 VAC supply

Voltage tolerance: ± 15%

Fuse protection: 2 AT

Short circuit of electrical current: 1.15 A

24 VDC supply

Supply voltage tolerance: 21-28 V

Oscillation rate tolerance: 1%

Fuse protection: 10 A

Power consumption

DPA240230 VAC

Quiescent: 0.17 A (23 W)

Full load: 1.9 A24 VDC:

Quiescent: 0.08 A0.15 A (With surveillance)

Full load: 10 A

DPA2240230 VAC

Quiescent: 0.34 A (23 W)

Full load: 3.8 A

24 VDC:Quiescent: 0.16 A

0.3 A(With surveillance)

Full load: 20 A

Front panel

command and indication

Power switch (interrupt only the 230 VAC supply) LED

Green (POWER) : fixed if 230 VAC

blinked if only 24 V

Green (SIGNAL) : indicates signal

Yellow (FAULT) : indicates a fault

Rear connection

Power supply input (with integrated fuse):

Euro-block connectors

4 pins for 24 VDC power connection

2 pins to link if 24 VDC is not used

2 pins for fault relay

(1 x for DPA240 or 2 x for DPA2240):

3 pins for balanced audio input

2 pins for 100 V speaker output

Thermal characteristics

Fans starts automatically above 65°C/ 149°F

Thermal security temperature: 105°C / 221 °C

Forced ventilation: rear air expulsion

Size and unit


Metal unit 4 U, 1/8 of 19” grey RAL 7016

L x W x D: 55 x 178 x 400 mm


Metal unit 1 U 19” grey RAL 7016

L x W x D: 483 x 44 x 400 mm