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JTY-GD-2151EIS & JTWB-BCD-5151EIS_datasheet
  • General
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  • Specification
Model JTY-GD-2151EIS photoelectric smoke detectors use state-of-the-art sensing chambers. The detector is designed to provide open area protection and is for use with compatible two-wire control panels only (or using a interface module). Each detector isequipped with two LEDs that provide a local, visual indication of detector status. Once the detector senses a fire, it latches in alarm and remains in this condition until it is reset by a momentary power interruption. The detector can be tested by activating an internal reed switch with a test magnet. Model JTWB-BCD-5151EIS is a conventional 2-wire intrinsically safe thermal detector. This detector is designed to provide open area pro-tection and to be used with compatible panels (or interface module) only. This sensor utilizes a state-of-the-art thermistorsensing circuit for fast response. It can be used in various environmental conditions and also has the simple maintenance and lower fault rate advantages. Two red LEDs blink in standby each 5S and latch on in alarm, and do not blink in trouble. A remote output option is also available. A built in test switch is used in the detector for test alarm. Model J-SAB-M-M500KEIS intrinsically safe call point is the component designed for the 2-wire fire alarm control system, and canbe applied in a compatible fire alarm control panel (or using a monitoring module). In a fire or other hazardous conditions, manually breaking glasses will active the control panel to send out alarm signals, and at the same time, LED is lighted to signify thealarming status. J-SAP-M-M500KEIS is designed complying to Exia II CT5Ga, the products can be applied to the hazardous environment where combustible gas is in existence.
Exia II CT5(JTY-GD-2151EIS, JTWB-BCD-5151EIS) SEMS screws for easy wiring (Base) Exia II CT5Ga(J-SAB-M-M500KEIS) Low standby current LED Provides 360visibility Built-in tamper-resistant feature 3-year warranty
Dimension: 104mm(Diameter, JTY-GD-2151EIS/JTWB-BCD-5151EIS), 86.5mm×86.5mm(Front View, J-SAB-M-M500KEIS) Height: 51mm(JTY-GD-2151EIS, JTWB-BCD-5151EIS), 38.7mm(J-SAB-M-M500KEIS) Weight: 88g(JTY-GD-2151EIS), 80g(JTWB-BCD-5151EIS), 150g(J-SAB-M-M500KEIS) Input Voltage: 8.5 to 28VDC(JTY-GD-2151EIS), 8.5 to 28VDC(JTWB-BCD-5151EIS), Installation Temperature: -10℃to 55℃(JTY-GD-2151EIS), -10℃to 55℃(JTWB-BCD-5151EIS) Operating Humidity Range: 10% to 95% Relative Humidity ( non-condensing ) Latching Alarm: Reset by momentary power interruption Sensitivity: 63℃Fixed or 10℃/min rate-of-rise(5151EIS) Intrinsic Safety Rating: Exia IICT5(JTY-GD-2151EIS, JTWB-BCD-5151EIS) Exia II CT5Ga(J-SAB-M-M500KEIS)