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Beam1224, Beam1224S Installation data sheet
  • General
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  • Specification
System Sensor Model BEAM1224/BEAM1224S is a long range projected beam smoke detector designed to provide open area protection. It is to be used with UL-listed, separately supplied power (4-wire) control panels only. The detector consists of a transmitter/receiver unit and a reflector. Smoke entering the area between the transmitter/receiver and reflector causes a reduction in signal. When the obscuration reaches alarm thresholds (chosen at the transmitter/ receiver unit), the detector generates an alarm signal. Complete blockage of the beam causes a trouble signal. Slow changes in obscuration due to a build up of dirt or dust on the lens of the detector are compensated for by D400-73-00 2 I56-2294-004R a microcontroller that continuously monitors the signal strength and periodically updates the alarm and trouble thresholds. When the self-compensation circuit reaches its limit, the detector generates a trouble signal, indicating the need for service.
Range: 16 to 230 Feet (5 to 70m); 230 to 328 Feet (70 to 100m) using optional accessory BEAMLRK Sensitivity: 25% to 50% Total Obscuration in 6 levels Level 1 = 25% Level 2 = 30% Level 3 = 40% Level 4 = 50% Level 5 = 30% to 50% (Acclimate) Level 6 = 40% to 50% (Acclimate) Spacing: 30 to 60 Feet (9.1 to 18.3m) Response Time: ALARM - 20 seconds typical; TROUBLE - 30 seconds typical Trouble Conditions: Beam Blockage (96% or More Obscuration) Improper Initial Alignment Self-compensation limit reached (service needed) In Alignment mode Test/Reset Features: Integral Sensitivity Test Filter (BEAM1224S only) Sensitivity Filter (Incremental scale on reflector) Local Alarm Test Switch Local Alarm Reset Switch Remote Test and Reset Switch Capability (compatible with RTS451/RTS451KEY) Indicators: ALARM - Remote Output, Local LED (red) TROUBLE - Remote Output, Local LED (yellow), Blink Pattern Indicates Trouble Diagnostics NORMAL OPERATION - Local LED (flashing green once every 5 sec.) ALIGNMENT AIDS - Optical Gunsight (coarse adjustment), 00 to 99 Digital Display (fine adjustment) RELAYS - Alarm; Trouble SENSITIVITY - Digital Display Readout in Percent Obscuration ENVIRONMENTAL Temperature: –22°F to 131°F (–30°C to 55°C); NOTE: For applications below 32°F (0°C), see Special Applications on page 2 Humidity: 10% to 93% RH Non-condensing MECHANICAL Shipping Weight: Complete unit: 3.9 lbs. (1.77 kg) Shipping Size: 15˝×10.5˝×6.5˝ (381mm × 267mm × 165mm) Mounting: Wall only without optional accessories Wiring: Plug-in Terminal Blocks (12 to 22AWG) Adjustment Angle: }10° Horizontal and Vertical Paintable Trim Ring: May be painted using enamel or acrylic type paints ELECTRICAL Voltage: 10.2 to 32 VDC (BEAM1224); 15 to 32 VDC (BEAM1224S) Maximum Ripple Voltage: 6.0 volts (Peak-to-peak); NOTE: ripple must not fall below minimum operating voltage specification Current (24 VDC): Avg. Standby - 17mA Max. Avg. Alarm - 38.5mA Max. Avg. Trouble - 8.5mA Max. Avg. Alignment - 28mA Max. Current (Test Mode, BEAM1224S only): Peak Test- 500mA Max. Relay Contacts: 0.5A at 30 VDC Reset Time: 0.3 Seconds Max. Start-up Time (after 2 min. reset): 60 sec. Max. Alarm Verification Time: 5 sec. Max. Remote Output (Alarm & Trouble): VOLTAGE - 15 to 32 VDC; NOTE: Output voltage same as device input voltage CURRENT - 15mA maximum; 6mA minimum; NOTE: Output current is limited by 2.2Kohm resistor