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BEAM1224(S) Data Sheet - Reflected Type
  • General
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  • Specification
System Sensor Model BEAM1224 is a 4-wire conventional projected beam smoke detector. It is uniquely suited for protecting open areas with high ceilings where other methods of smoke detection are difficult to install and maintain. It is to be used with UL Listed compatible control panels only. Installation of the single-ended reflective design is much easier than the dual-ended projected beam detectors. Alignment is quickly accomplished via an optical sight and a 2-digit signal strength meter incor­porated into the product. Listed for operation from –22°F to 131°F, BEAM1224 can be used in open area applications to provide early warning in environments where temperature extremes exceed the capability of other types of smoke detection. BEAM1224 consists of a transmitter/receiver unit and a reflector. When smoke enters the area between the unit and the reflector it causes a reduction in the signal and, when the smoke level reaches the predetermined threshold, an alarm is activated. BEAM1224 has four standard sensitivity selections along with two Acclimate set­tings. When either of the two Acclimate settings are selected the detector will auto­matically adjust its sensitivity using advanced software algorithms to select the opti­mum sensitivity for the specific environment.
Operational Specifi cations Protection Range 16 ft. to 328 ft. (5m to 100m) Adjustment Angle +/– 10 Degrees horizontal & vertical (The optics move independent of the unit) Sensitivity Levels Level 1 – 25% Level 2 – 30% Level 3 – 40% Level 4 – 50% Acclimate Level 1 – 30–50% Acclimate Level 2 – 40–50% Fault Condition (Trouble) 96% or more obscuration blockage In alignment mode Improper initial alignment Self-compensation limit reached Alignment Aid Optical gunsight Integral signal strength indication 2-digit display Alarm Indicator Local red LED and remote alarm Trouble Indicator Local yellow LED and remote trouble Normal Indicator Local fl ashing green LED Test/Reset Features Integral Sensitivity Test Filter (BEAM1224S only) Sensitivity filter (Incremental scale on reflector) Local alarm test switch Local alarm reset switch Remote test and reset switch (Compatible with RTS451 and RTS451KEY test station) Smoke Detector Spacing On smooth ceilings, 30–60 feet between projected beams and not more than one-half that spacing between a projected beam and a sidewall. Other spacing may be used depending on ceiling height, airfl ow characteristics, and response requirements. See NFPA 72.