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Aspiration systems are an effective way of providing very early warning protection for high value and enterprise critical areas; they are also an effective method of protecting large open areas or areas that are inaccessible or difficult to reach such as under-floor cable voids in computer rooms. The single channel A222E-LSR high sensitivity aspiration detector becomes an integral part of the main fire detection system, or a stand-alone devices with volt-free fire and fault relays. The aspiration detector uses one per channel Pinnacle laser optical detector addressed via a translator module from the fire system loop. The translator module makes the laser detector appear as a normal Series 200plus optical detector to the panel; it also provides the interface for the air management and fault monitoring of the aspiration unit.
• Dual channel high sensitivity aspiration smoke detection system • Integrated into the main fire detection system • Can be used in a stand alone mode with volt-free outputs for fire and fault alamrs • Uses Pinnacle laser detectors exclusively • Configurable sensitivity from 0.065% - 6.5% OBS/M • up to 2000m2 coverage through 2x100m pipes with 18 holes in each • Integral translator module makes the device appear as a Series 200plus photoelectric detector on the panel • Compatible with System Sensor’s Series 500 protocol • Integral display with user programmable functions • In-line air filter • Local indication of airflow management status • Adjustable airflow speed with visual monitor • Optional IP65 waterproof enclosure • Design application for configuring the pipework
Operating Voltage Range 18 to 30Vdc Maximum Standby Current 100μA (no communications) Current Draw 80 to 500mA depending on pipe length and fan speed

Environmental Specifications Application Temperature Range -10°C to +55°C Humidity Humidity 10 to 93% (non condensing) IP Rating IP50 (IP65 optional)

Mechanical Specifications Maximum Pipe Length 100m per channel Pipe Diameter 20mm to 26.7mm (3/4” BSP) Pipe Hole Diameter 3mm at start & 6mm at end of pipe Pipe Hole Spacing 7.5m Max Wire Gauge for Terminals 0.4mm2 to 2.0mm2 Weight 2170g