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The AD/355 ADAPT® detector is an intelligent, addressable, multi-sensing, low-profile detector designed for use with Fire•Lite Fire Alarm Control Panels. The ADAPT detector uses a combination of photoelectric and thermal sensing technologies to increase immunity to false alarms. Unlike traditional intelligent detectors, the ADAPT detector has a microprocessor in the detector head that processes alarm data. As a result, the ADAPT detector adjusts its sensitivity automatically, without operator intervention or control panel programming. Areas where the ADAPT detector is especially useful include office complexes, schools, college campuses, manufacturing and industrial facilities, and anywhere else the use of a particular area may change. The ADAPT detector automatically adjusts its sensitivity to the environment. LiteSpeed™ is a communication protocol developed to greatly enhance the speed of communication between analog intelligent devices and compatible systems. Intelligent devices communicate in a grouped fashion. If one of the devices within the group has new information, the panel’s CPU stops the group poll and concentrates on single points. The net effect is response speed greater than five times that of earlier designs.
• A u tomatically adjusts sensitivity levels without operator intervention or programming. Sensitivity increases with heat. • Mic roprocessor-based, combination photo and thermal technology. • Lit e Speed™ and CLIP system compatible. • Ad d ressable-analog communication. • Sl e ek, low-profile design. • Tw o-wire SLC connection. • Di r ect-Dial entry of addre ss: 01-159 with MS-9600UDLS and MS-9600LS series systems, and 01-99 with MS-9200UDLS Firmware 4. • A d dresses can be viewed and changed without electronic programmers. • Du a l bi-color LED design provides 360° viewing angle. • LEDs l o ck red when in alarm. In LiteSpeed™, LEDs flash green in standby for normal condition. • Bu i lt-in tamper-resistant feature. • C o nstructed of off-white fire-resistant plastic, designed to commercial standards, and offers an attractive appearance. • SE MS screws for wiring of the separate base. • Se v eral base options, including relay, isolator, and sounder. • Bu i lt-in functional test switch activated by external magnet. • Lis t ed to UL 268.
Sensitivity: auto-adjusting levels: 1 to 2%/ft. and 2 to 4%/ft. with classic CLIP systems; 1 to 2, 2 to 3, and 3 to 4%/ft. with LiteSpeed™ systems; fixed-sensitivity levels: 1, 2, and 4%/ft. with classic CLIP systems; 0.5, 1, 2, 3, and 4%/ft. with FlashScan systems. Size: 2 . 0 "" ( 5 . 3 cm) high x 4.1"" (10.4 cm) diameter installed in B501 base. Shipping weight: 5.2 oz. (147 g). Operating temperature: 0°C to 38°C (32°F to 100°F). Operating altitude: up to 10,000 feet. UL-Listed velocity range: 0 – 4000 ft./min. (1219.2 m/min.), suitable for installation in ducts. Relative humidity: 10% – 93% noncondensing. Thermal sensing rating: fixed-temperature setpoint 135°F (57°C). ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Voltage range: 15 – 32 volts DC peak. Standby current (max. avg.): 300 ìA. Loop resistance: 50 ohms maximum; varies according to control panel used. Refer to panel installation manuals. LED current (max.): 6.5 mA @ 24 VDC (“ON”).