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The RE – Master is a 64/128/256 zone microprocessor based conventional Master Fire Alarm Control Panel. The Outputs include notification appliance circuits (NACs / sounders), Two Form –C relays for Fire and one relay for fault. And also communication port RS485 to interface with remote annunciator and slave panels. This panel is field programmable via the front panel keypad. It supervises all wiring, AC voltage and Battery level
nbsp;One Class B Notification Appliance Circuits (NAC / Sounder). Complies with IS 2189: 1988. Rugged CRCA sheet with powder coated finish. Modular construction. Operates on 220v, AC Mains power supply. Standby (battery) back up 24v DC power supply with built in charger. Error free Fire / Fault status in unambiguous colored LED indication. 20 X 4 LCD Display. System ON indications. Main, Standby status with visual/audible indication. Battery Low visual warning with audible tone. RS485 communication for slave & repeater panels. Event storage with RTC. Form–C relays for Fire and fault. Lamp Test facility.
AC Power 220 VAC, 50 Hz, +10%, -15%. Wire size: 1.5 Sq. mm with 600 V insulation Battery (Lead Acid only) Charging Current: Constant Voltage – 27.6v @ 0.8A (Max.). Charging Capacity: 7 Amp Hour Battery (Higher sizes are on request). System Quiescent Current: 150mA Notification Appliance Circuits (Sounder Circuit) Class – B wiring Operating Nominal Voltage: 24 VDC Current for all NACs: 1A Max. End-Of-Line Resistor: 4.7K, 1/4watt Three Form – C Relays Relay Contact Rating: 2Amps @ 30 VDC, 2Amps @ 30VAC. 24 VDC Power Operating Voltage: 24VDC, 500mA Max. RS485 Communication Port Max. Distance: 1.2 Km Max. Use CAT5E cable or equivalent