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40 Way Mimic Pl.
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The 40-Way programmable mimic driver is a compact remote I/O device for the ZX series intelligent multi protocol fire alarm control panels. This device, along with other remote I/O devices, the repeater units and the external printer provide a complete range of peripheral devices to further enhance the functionality and expandability of the ZX series systems. The 40-way mimic driver card consists of 40 open collector outputs built on a single printed circuit board. The outputs can provide up to 15mA each to drive mimic LEDs (or other low-current external loads) and can be programmed to follow a zone or an event in the master panel. The AUTO-LEARN facility in the ZX series control panels automatically determines the number of modules connected to the peripheral bus and add each mimic driver card to the list of outputs in the panel. Once the mimic driver cards are learned, then each of these cards can be programmed to follow a group of 40 zones or events on the system (e.g. zones 1-40, 41-80, etc., events 1-40, 41-80, 81-120, etc.).
• Provides 40 programmable open-collector outputs • Compatible withZX series intelligent multi protocol fire alarm contol panels • RS485 communication • Connects to the peripheral bus (port D) on the fire alarm panel • Up to 31 on a peripheral bus • Zone or event operation • Easy DIP switch addressing • 12 to 24V switching capability
mechanical Dimensions (HxWxD): 113 x 160 x 29 mm Weight: 226 gr. (8 oz) Operating temperature: 0°C to 49°C Humidity: 10% to 93% non-condensing electrical Operating voltage: 18 to 28 Vdc Current consumption: Stand by: (all outputs off) 19mA @ 18 Vdc 29mA @ 24 Vdc 39mA @ 28 Vdc Full load: (all outputs on) 370mA @ 18 Vdc 277mA @ 24 Vdc 247mA @ 28 Vdc Note - An additional 15mA per output must be added when the on-board power supply is used to drive the external load(s). A suitable current limiting resistor required in series with the LED(s) to limit the output current to 15mA. Power consumption: On-board power source: Vss (nom): 6.5 to 7.0 Vdc Iss (max): 15mA per output External power source: Vss (ext): min. 12Vdc,max. 24 Vdc Iss (max): 15mA per output LED indicators: 485RX: Yellow, flashes when mimic card receives vaild data. PWR: Green, flashes at a rate of 1Hz when mimic card has a DC supply and is operating. Screw terminals: Maximum cable cross sectional area 2.5 mm2. (13 AWG) removable block. Wiring: Maximum distance from control panel: 1,200m (3937 ft). 150 Ohm end-of-line resistors required at both ends of the RS485 circuit. Recommended cable: Belden 8760 or equivalent twisted shielded pair.