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100 Series (TM) Low-Profile Direct-Wire Conventional Smoke Detectors
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  • Specification
System Sensor 100 Series low-profile detectors use stateof- the-art sensing chambers to meet all applicable UL performance criteria. The backs of the smoke detectors are sealed against back pressure, air flow, and dirt. A fine mesh screen also protects the chamber against the entry of insects. These detectors are intended for open area protection and for use with UL-listed control panels. of insects. These detectors are intended for open area protection and for use with UL-listed control panels.

• Smart-Check™ self-diagnostic maintenance feature tosatisfy NFPA 72 sensitivity testing requirements.

• Larger plug-in terminal block with captured SEMS screwsdecreases wiring and installation time.

• Removable insect screen protects sensor from insectsand airborne dust.

• Includes auxiliary Form-C relay (“R” suffix).• Built-in test switch.• Visual alarm, power, and maintenance indicator.

• Refined insect screen for a tight seal; simplified,removable for cleaning.

• Thermal models available.

• Ceiling white color.• 12/24 VDC operation.

• Built-in sounder and temporal tone.

• Three-year warranty.System Sensor 100 Series low-profile, direct-wire detectorspack superb performance and reliability into a smallpackage. Their sleek, 1.7"" (43 mm) profile is the lowest inthe industry, and the advanced circuitry provides superiorfalse-alarm immunity, while reducing maintenance.Other key features include:

• Low current draw.• Stable performance in high air velocities.

• Built-in tamper-resistant base design.

• Operating voltage: 12 or 24 VDC (nominal).

• Contact rating: 1 Form-C, 1.0 A @ 30 VDC. • Standby current: 50 μA maximum average.

• Alarm current: 2-wire models: 100 mA maximum limited by panel. 4-wire models: 12 VDC = 35 mA maximum; 24 VDC = 45 mA maximum (2112/24AITR: 60 mA maximum and 70 mA maximum respectively).

• Temperature range: 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 50°C). For 2100TD, 2112/24TR models: 32°F to 100°F (0°C to 39°C).

• Dimensions: 5.5"" (140 mm) diameter. Height 1.7"" (43 mm) including adapter bracket.

• Shipping weight (approximate): 5.3 oz. (150 g).

• Humidity range: 10% - 93% RH, noncondensing.

• Smoke detector spacing: On smooth ceilings (as defined in NFPA 72), spacing of 30 feet (900 sq.ft.) may be used as a guideline. Other spacing may be used depending on ceiling height, high air movements, and other conditions or response requirements. Refer to NFPA 72 and local authority having jurisdiction.

• Air velocity: 0 to 3,000 ft./min. (914.4 m/min.) maximum.