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The Morley ZVX High Rise Evacuation System operates in conjunction with the Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) in a building to provide automatic response to life safety emergencies. The Morley ZVX includes all necessary features to provide an effective voice evacuation system. The Morley ZVX canbe custom configured to satisfy the needs of any high rise application. Fire department authorities can easily take command of evacuation or relocation procedures and emergencies. Building management and fie brigades can monitor and control emergency response even before the professionals arrive The ZVX system includes capacity for 6 channels of simultaneous audio. This provides for evacuation, stay-in-place, or other public address announcements and automatic messages. Fire Fighter Phones or Warden Stations may be included as required. Area-of-Rescue stations can reassure handicapped occupants that help is on the way.
True Multiplex 6 Channel Distributed Audio Integrated Fire Phone, Area of Rescue and Fan & Damper Control capability Modular System - components added as needed Integrated 2 Channel Digital Message Repeater Live Microphone Page to any zone Fast RS-485 Communication Protocol Fully Supervised Easy Installation and Operation Natural Sound Voice Recordings Built in Alarm and Alert Signals Up to 4 Minute Message Capacity Works with 12VDC or 24VDC Fire Alarm Panel Works with Analog/Addressable and Microprocessor based Fire Alarm Panels. 3 Minute Message Restart on Microphone Key
The voice evacuation system shall be Morley Systems Series Morley ZVX High Rise or approved equal. The Morley ZVX system shall include one Master Panel and one or more Distributed Panels. The system shall be microprocessor based, and shall be compatible for use with contact closures / serial communication from the Fire Alarm Control Panel, (FACP). The system shall have a high-speed communication bus and have the capacity for 6 channels of audio and data on a single pair of wires. The field wiring for the communication bus may be configured for either Style “4” or Style “7” supervision. The system shall have the capacity for Fire Fighters Phone, Area-of-Rescue communication and also have the capacity for Fan & Damper control with monitored feedback. The system shall have a minimum capacity of 1000 monitor and control points. The Master Panel shall contain an integral microphone, dual channel digital message repeater, (DMR) and digital tone generator, 220 VAC power supply, and battery charger. The system shall be modular in design, and shall be expandable such that additional system control points may be configured. The system shall include integral self-diagnostic routines that shall continually monitor system status, and shall indicate the precise type of trouble conditions should they occur in the system. A trouble condition within the system shall cause a trouble indication to be transmitted to the FACP.