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ul- zxe comm manual
  • General
  • Feature
  • Specification
The material and instructions covered in this manual have been carefully checked for accuracy and are presumed to be correct. However, the manufacturer assumes no responsibility for inaccuracies and reserves the right to modify and revise this document without notice. · These instructions cover the commissioning and programming of both the ZXa and ZXe Fire Alarm Control Panels. Refer to the Fire Alarm Control Panel Operator’s Manual for instructions on powering up and operating the system. Refer to the relevant Installation Manual for instructions on installing the panel.
16.3.1 Output to fire alarm devices :
  • · It is possible to silence the fire alarm devices at access level 2
  • · Following silencing, it is possible to re-sound the fire alarm devices at access level 2.
16.3.2 Delays to Outputs :
  • · The operation of delays to fire alarm devices is selected at User Level 3 and applies to:
1. fire detectors 2. manual call points 3. signals from specific zones.
  • · The delay times are configurable at User Level 3 and can be adjusted in 10-second increments up to a maximum delay of 10 minutes.
  • · It is possible to override these delays.
  • · The delay to one output signal does not affect the action of the other outputs.
16.3.3 Coincidence Detection :
  • · The fire alarm control panel can inhibit the output to fire alarm devices until two or more signals are received from detection points operating within the same zone.
  • · When programmed to operate in this manner the following applies:
1. It can only be selected at User Level 3.
  • · Inhibiting the programmed fire alarm output signal in this manner does not affect the action of any other outputs.
16.3.4 Fault Signals from points:
  • · The control panel can receive & process fault signals from points, under these conditions the faults are indicated as zone faults.